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1 of November 9pm

Dear Friends,
Today at around 2pm Flora Brovina was out, the car of the UN Comissioner for Human Rights Barbara Davis was there, her lawyers, women lawyers, Serbian TV, journalists.... Flora Brovina was very mooving, according to Biljana Stanojevic a lawyer from Helsinky Human Rights commission who was there, with whome I spoke tongiht. The jeep and security cars drove her to Prisitina. The idea of some of them was to bring Flroa Brovina to Belgrade because tonight was a great event with Adem Demaci, a Kosovo Albanian human right activist, professor, lawyer who was 28 years in prison in past regime, and whose politics promotes trust between neighbours, eqaul rights to all national and ethnic idenitites, love and living together. But Flora Brovina left to Prisitna, and we in Belgrade have attended the even with full of people who were happy to see the first Kosovo Albanian friend to come in Belgrade on his own will and decision to speak to people in Serbia. It was a very touching event with him tonight. After that in Women's Center we celebrated the freedom of Flora Brovina! We thank all women who have though about her, took care, wrote letters and spread women's solidarity across borders.

Many reagards from Belgrade full of good news in this post facsist phase!

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